Free training

on vulnerability and debt solutions

Free vulnerability and debt advice training


We offer a wealth of bespoke free of charge face-to-face training on debt and vulnerability. Choose the training course, date and location that’s best for you, and we’ll do the rest. Email or download our training leaflet


Back to basics and IVA

Ideal for new case workers to experienced advisers, back to basics and IVA training explores helping clients with complex multi debt issues,  using case study exercises to practice giving debt advice.

We’ll also cover the innovations in technology which are changing the face of debt advice.


Why attend the training?

  • go through all of the available debt options
  • learn the best presentation of solutions and why
  • improve objection handling
  • earn 4.5 IMA CPD points

Training is carried out by Money Advice Consultant Jane Clack and our Insolvency Practitioners.

IVA technical

IVA technical training aims enhance your IVA knowledge about the finer details of the process.

Training normally takes two hours and is presented by PayPlan’s Partnership Managers with support from our Insolvency Practitioners.


Why attend the training?

  • learn more about IVA problems and solutions
  • hear about the latest IVA industry innovations
  • earn 2 IMA CPD points
  • delve deeper into how PPI, assets and homes are dealt with
  • look into examples of high equity cases

The course can be delivered to your advisers or to a group of organisations at a location of your choice.


Regulation about vulnerable clients is changing. Keep up-to-date with the latest industry best practice, policies and research.

Vulnerabilities can include low income, learning or physical disability and mental health conditions. It can be both long and short term or include domestic abuse, imprisonment and bereavement.


Why attend the training?

  • learn how to spot the signs of clients in vulnerable situations
  • get to know what the FCA expects, new research and issues
  • practical policies, training and conversational models for you and your team
  • NEW module on supporting clients who have been affected by domestic abuse

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