Maintaining contact with clients is really important to us and completing an annual review is a key part of staying in touch. An annual review allows us to re-evaluate income and expenditure to ensure our clients are still able to afford the plans we recommended to them.


A year is a long time and many things can change in a client’s circumstances and finances.

An annual review allows us to confirm that a client’s payments continue to be affordable. We also want to understand if their circumstances have changed considerably and whether an alternative debt option is more suitable for them.

We like to keep things simple. Eight weeks before the anniversary of the start of a plan we invite clients to carry out their annual review.

The client is asked to update their income and expenditure with their current figures, and send us copies of their previous 2-3 months bank statements, payslips for the past year and their most recent P60. Information can be sent to PayPlan by post, email or using PayPlan Plus.

We do the rest. Once their review is complete we contact the client and send them a report showing their progress, plus explain any increases or decreases in monthly payments. If they are happy with their current plan, they continue without any changes.

annual review contact strategy


There are some cases where clients choose not to get in touch to carry out an annual review. We continue to email and text them, or message via PayPlan Plus, until four weeks past the anniversary date. If no contact is made following this date, instead of talking to the client a PayPlan adviser will carry out a desktop annual review.

A desktop review considers whether a client is suitable to continue with their debt solution. In making a decision the adviser looks at the client’s individual circumstances, including payment history, arrangement term, time since their last contact, the amount of previous contact, budget discrepancies, their vulnerabilities, as well as what is in their best interests.

We do everything possible to keep a client in a plan, but in the rare situations where ending a plan is the only possible option, PayPlan gives the client 30 days’ notice of termination, plus another chance to complete their annual review.


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