Once a client is in a PayPlan debt plan we know it’s important to keep in touch. It can be easy to feel confident that the debt solution is sorted and nothing more needs to be done.

But this is not the case, so we encourage our clients to tell us about any changes in circumstances, as these can affect their repayments or the type of plan that was recommended.

Clients can contact us in many ways, including telephone, web chat, email, letter or the using messaging tool in PayPlan Plus, a secure and private online account management system.

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PayPlan Plus is available to every client. It allows them to manage their plan online 24/7, regardless of their location. Ideal for clients who prefer to access their accounts on the go, it also offers them a smoother journey and a speedier process.

There is a PayPlan Plus App, which can be downloaded and accessed using a smart phone or tablet.

PayPlan Plus clients can:

  • Check the progress of their debt solution online
  • Monitor and make payments
  • Receive notifications for information requests
  • Send photographs or scan documents using mobile devices
  • Electronically sign documents
  • Prepare for their annual review in advance
  • Review their income and expenditure online
  • Contact their case officer direct via text or email.


If a client chooses a debt option with PayPlan they are supported by their case officer who helps them set everything up. Where possible, this is the clients contact for the life of their plan. This makes it easier for the client as the case officer knows their details, and we like it too, as we get to know our clients really well.


An annual review is an opportunity to re-evaluate finances and ensure clients are still able to afford the debt plan they chose.



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