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When a client is referred to PayPlan our qualified advisers quickly get in touch by phone, email or live chat, depending on the client’s preference.

Advisers work with the client to gather the financial and personal information that is needed to understand their situation and be able to recommend a debt option.

By creating a realistic budget based on income and expenditure information allows us to offer best advice.


In creating a budget we need to know what money is regularly being received by a client and what amount of that is being spent on priority bills, other bills, living costs and non-priority debts. This information allows us to work out if there are any surplus funds available to help repay debt and which debt option to recommend.

Clients can complete an income and expenditure form with an adviser over the telephone. This normally takes about an hour and captures all the details we need to be able to recommend a debt option.

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Clients can choose to receive an email with a link to a secure online income and expenditure form called PlanFinder. This allows clients to complete the form in their own time. 75% of clients complete the form online.

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