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PlanFinder has changed the way debt advice is being given to clients. We have found that 20% more people are engaging in the debt advice process than before thanks to digital tools.

PlanFinder allows clients to complete the full financial assessment, meaning they can finish the process at a time that suits them – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It has proven popular with clients, 45 per cent of which are 25-35 years of age, most likely to work full time and are digitally savvy.

Advisers use a blend of email, live chat and telephone calls to provide advice, depending on the client’s preference. Through offering this blend, we see an increased level of engagement with clients because they are being contacted by their chosen method.


PlanFinder allows clients to fill in their personal details, unsecured debts, household income, priority spending, living costs and information about assets.

The income and expenditure information collected is used by PayPlan’s trained advisers to assess a client’s individual situation so that they are able to advise them on the best debt solution.

PlanFinder is supported with live chat, where clients can ask real time questions, plus there is a credit check function where with client permission, data about creditors can be added at the click of a button. This data is supplied by an Experian credit report and includes all debts, no matter how old they are.


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