PayPlan’s Policy Campaigns

Working towards a better future

We understand the impact that debt can have on you, your family and your life. Directly and indirectly, as a society we are all impacted by the costs that debt has.
Our campaigns aim to help improve the lives of those in debt, and prevent others from entering the vicious cycle.

  • We’re campaigning for the government to introduce a ‘Breathing Space’ scheme.
  • We want to see increased protection for vulnerable people from high-cost lenders

‘Breathing space’ scheme

The 2017 manifesto committed the Government to implement a breathing space scheme.

We want to make it as easy as possible for anyone worried about their debts to access help. This is why PayPlan offers a blend of communications for clients to reach out to us through a channel that they prefer. By imposing any criteria onto them may present a barrier to those who are worried about debts and prevent them from reaching out.

PayPlan firmly believe that:

  • Any individual who is worried about their ability to manage their debts should be able to access breathing space.
  • Allowing breathing space to an individual should be triggered by an FCA regulated adviser.

For more information on breathing space visit our Breathing Space page.

When clients disclose information to us, we make sure that they are supported and that we make adjustments which allow them to better manage their debts and make more informed decisions.

Campaigning to prevent council tax imprisonment

PayPlan and the Institute of Money Advisers (IMA) have launched a joint campaign to prevent the wrongful imprisonment of people for the non-payment of council tax.

  • Work for a change in the law to end imprisonment and threats of imprisonment for Council Tax debt.
  • Promote the use of local authority and magistrates’ courts’ powers to remit Council Tax arrears in appropriate circumstances.

For more information visit our Council Tax campaign page.

Protecting vulnerable clients

One in 10 of our clients are classified as a vulnerable client, and approximately 97% of clients disclose information to PayPlan advisers about their vulnerabilities.

Over 39% of our vulnerable clients actually have 2 or more different vulnerabilities and over 45% of vulnerable clients are aged between 35-55.

We often find that it is the most vulnerable of clients who find it difficult to access loans from main street lenders, and they turn to doorstep lenders for support. Stronger regulations need to be put in place to protect users of high-cost credit.

PayPlan firmly believe that:

  • The definition of high-cost short-term credit should be extended to include not only payday loans, but also home credit loans or ‘doorstep lenders’.
  • Consumers should never pay back more than twice of what they borrowed.


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