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13 October 2017

It’s Responsible Gambling Week and this gives PayPlan a chance to support other organisations to raise awareness about the importance of gambling responsibly.

An annual initiative run by Gamble Aware and GamCare the week, 12-19 October, aims to ensure that everyone knows what responsible gambling means as well ensuring people who might be experiencing harm know there is help available.

It was reported by the Gambling Commissioner that the number of problem gamblers in the UK or those at risk has increased to more than 2 million people. This is echoed by our own data, as we too have seen an increase in the number of problem gamblers seeking debt advice.

During October 2016 PayPlan had 69 active clients with a gambling addiction. Figures for October 2017 show 119 active clients with a gambling addiction which is a 72% increase on this time last year. We have also seen an increase in young men with gambling debts coming to us for free debt advice.

It is important to remember that gambling is a popular pastime, with the majority of the UK participating in gambling in the past year. It’s when people gamble with more than they can afford to lose that they are at risk of becoming addicted to gambling.

At PayPlan, problem gamblers are supported by our vulnerable support team, a specialist team of advisers who offer practical help and support based on the individual’s situation. In Britain problem gamblers are defined as when gambling affects an individual’s whole life. For example this could be when it gets in the way of work, school or other activities, or if it starts to impact and harm your mental or physical health and wellbeing. It can also impact you financially and potentially damage your relationships with friends or family. To put this into perspective, only 0.8% of adults in the UK were estimated to be problem gamblers.

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Written by
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