Financial wellbeing at work

01 March 2019

A recent study of nearly 32,000 workers across all UK industries revealed that employees lose on average 30.4 days of productive time annually due to sick days as a result of ill-health1.

In fact 1 in 4 will experience mental ill-health at some point in their lives2. Poor mental health means individuals can find themselves being less able to cope, affecting employees in their day-to-day lives and performance at work.

The 2018 UK Workplace Stress Survey found 45% of workers experience stress caused by money3. Talking about money can be hard and a third of our clients told us that they waited up to 4 years before seeking debt help because they felt worried, ashamed or embarrassed.

Worrying about money can lead to sleepless nights and feelings of anxiety, and when life becomes difficult, people find themselves disengaging. At PayPlan we understand that everyone is different and that personal circumstances can impact a person’s ability to manage money.

Supporting employees with problem debt or money worries can have positive impacts on performance at work. Yet, only 11% of employees discussed a recent mental health problem with their line manager4.


Going beyond the duty of care

As an employer you may wish to offer an independent and anonymous way for employees to get debt help, or refer them direct for support, helping to exceed your duty of care.

As specialists in providing debt advice, experience tells us that positive engagement and tailored communication are fundamental to helping people become debt-free.

By aiming to remove some of the barriers that employees face when seeking help, our free and confidential debt advice service helps employers and employees with financial wellbeing and recommends options on how to become debt-free. We make sure employees get the advice they need when they want it and can recommend on a wide range of debt solutions.

We also support employers by offering out of hours telephone advice, 24/7 digital options and co-branded services and communications. Our clients like to use a variety of communications channels to access debt advice, and while 65% of our clients start their journey online they also like to talk to our advisers using the phone, depending on their circumstances.

To find how PayPlan can tailor support your employees with financial wellbeing visited our dedicated Financial Wellbeing partners section or download the Financial Wellbeing Toolkit.

Alternatively download our Employees’ Financial Wellbeing  leaflet or get in touch with the Partnership Team by emailing


Employee financial wellbeing

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Quote by Money and Mental Health Policy Institute in the report:

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