Our mutual benefit


PayPlan Pro is a place for you to share your knowledge and help others in supporting more clients. PayPlan Pro was born from an idea of collaboration and mutual benefit across the industry.

For years, we’ve offered specialist advice to clients about their options for paying off their debt.

At PayPlan we recognise that debt is also contributed to by personal and situational circumstances which may be out of the client’s control for example, redundancy, divorce, etc. These may have led to the initial debt problem, and prevent our clients from getting out of debt.

So we turn to you. As professionals, we would like your help in offering specialist support services to other professionals with the aim of helping our mutual clients to overcome debt and get back to living again.


PayPlan Pro is yours. As a partner you can add your expertise and knowledge. Send us news articles, blogs, opinion pieces, facts, changes to the law, videos, events, training or ideas. Anything that you feel will help others like you to know the details to get clients our of debt problems.

PayPlan Pro is a hub of information for the debt industry. So whether you are an adviser, volunteer, creditor, employer, or simply want to improve your knowledge, this is the place to be.


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