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How PayPlan Is Funded


The credit industry recognises the value of our free-to-client approach, and many agree to pay us a contribution for providing the service.

We receive Fairshare Funding from the credit industry, which means our debt advice and debt management plans are 100% free to clients.

Fairshare Funding asks creditors who receive a payment from us under a PayPlan-operated Debt Management Plan, to pay a percentage-based contribution for our service


Fairshare funding allows us to provide all the following services, free of charge:

  • Free debt help and advice for all our clients on a wide range of debt solutions – including Debt Management Plans (DMPs), Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), Trust
  • Deeds, Debt Relief Orders (DRO), Bankruptcy, Administration Orders, Sequestration, Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS), Minimal Asset Process (MAP) and Debt Settlements
  • Free-to-client PayPlan-operated DMPs for those clients who opt for this as their chosen debt solution
  • Free referral of clients to PayPlan’s associated companies for IVAs, Self-Employed IVAs and Trust Deeds, if appropriate
  • Free guidance to clients on how to progress with any other chosen debt solution, if not offered through PayPlan or our associated companies


The Fairshare contribution model helps us to provide a free debt advice service. Fairshare allows us to tailor our advice to suit the client’s needs. It allows means we’re able to offer a full income and expenditure assessment and be able to talk to clients about all of the viable debt options.

We remain impartial and always recommend a debt solution that is appropriate, affordable and sustainable, based on the client’s own personal financial situation


PayPlan pays 100% of clients’ monthly DMP payments to their lenders, to clear their debt as soon as possible.

The credit industry recognises the value of this free-to-client approach, and many agree to pay us a contribution for providing the service.

We don’t favour any creditor over another and we’re not affiliated; just wholly committed to providing a debt solution that is both sustainable and realistic for our clients.


PayPlan refer relevant clients to PayPlan Partnership Limited (for IVAs), PayPlan Bespoke Solutions Limited (for Self-Employed IVAs) and PayPlan Scotland Limited (for Trust Deeds). Unlike many IVA and Trust Deed providers, these referral partners only use associated Insolvency Practitioners that do not charge upfront arrangement or assessment fees.

The monthly payments made by clients cover the payments to lenders, as well as the Nominee and Supervisors’ fees involved in the IVA & Trust Deed. The fees don’t affect the client’s monthly payments – by agreeing to the terms of the IVA & Trust Deed, lenders agree to accept a lower debt repayment into the arrangement. The result is that the IVA & Trust Deed payments always remain affordable.


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