Employee financial wellbeing support

PayPlan makes debt advice easy and accessible

Looking for employee Financial Wellbeing support?

We work hard to make accessing advice easy. As one of the UK’s most trusted free debt advice providers, PayPlan helps over 100,000 people every year with confidential advice and personalised debt solutions.

Your employees can choose to contact PayPlan by:

  • Using the dedicated Health and Wellbeing webpage: www.payplan.com/health-wellbeing
  • Calling 0800 716 239 – quoting health and wellbeing
  • Or by emailing Help@payplan.com or using live chat


Download PayPlan’s Financial Wellbeing leaflet for more information on how PayPlan can support your employees.

What’s included in the toolkit?

We know that worrying about money can lead to sleepless nights, feelings of anxiety and can affect performance at work.

Financial wellbeing is important for everyone, and businesses can offer support to employees with matters relating to money. Yet, talking about money worries can be difficult.

PayPlan’s confidential service is recommended by the Money Advice Service and allows employees to access free debt advice, providing solutions on how to become debt-free.

How can I support my employees?

Download relevant elements from our Financial Wellbeing toolkit and support your employees’ financial wellbeing by signposting them to confidential debt advice.


  • Suggested text to signpost to PayPlan via your intranet, newsletter and employee email
  • Posters and business cards with facts about money worries to print off and share in communal spaces/ HR rooms
  • Images to use on your website and email with your link to PayPlan

Employer FAQs

Q: Is the service really free to employers and employees throughout the whole process and, if so, how is PayPlan funded?

A: Yes, PayPlan is completely free for the person who refers a client and for the individual seeking advice. This includes the advice we give and for the plans that we will manage with the client. PayPlan is funded by the credit industry (banks and building societies) to provide the service and 100% of what an individual pays will go towards paying off their debts.

Q: How does PayPlan differ from an Employer Assistance Programme (EAP)?

A: We actually work with a lot of the big EAP providers, so it’s likely that if you do too then your colleagues may reach a PayPlan adviser via them as well. However, if you would like to offer an additional signposting option direct to PayPlan then you can still use the Freephone number and Health and Wellbeing webpage.

Q: What happens when someone gets in touch with PayPlan?

A: Firstly, the adviser will go through the individual’s income and expenditure to complete their household budget.  They will then go through any money owed and explain the difference between priority and non-priority debts. The free advice may be enough for some people and they will end their journey there. For others, they may want to consider a debt solution. As we’re regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the qualified advisers will go through every available option and explain the pros and cons. It is then down to the individual to choose the solution that best suits their circumstances.

So, if a client chooses to go ahead with an IVA – they will go through to PayPlan’s dedicated IVA team to look after their request, inform the creditors (so they can stop chasing payment) and ensure that their budget is realistic so the individual can live their life, while becoming debt-free.

Q: What support can you offer to someone who is going through bereavement or who has a mental health condition?

A: All PayPlan advisers receive specialist vulnerable client training. This is to help them spot the early signs of vulnerability ensuring they ask the correct questions and are able to offer additional support where needed. 91% of our clients voluntarily disclose their vulnerabilities to us. The adviser will then direct the person to the dedicated Vulnerable Client Team.

The dedicated team work with clients who have both temporary and permanent particular vulnerabilities. This team will adapt to suit the client’s needs and be a dedicated contact for them throughout their journey.


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