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Secure Referral Form

The Secure Referral Form makes it even easier for you to refer a client’s information and with the permissions we need to offer free debt advice.

Of those partners who have used our secure referral forms, 83% believe they are quick, easy, and simple to use.

Safe, secure and online referral

Thousands of  customers reach PayPlan every month via partners using their Secure Referral Form

The forms are popular with referrers and clients as they capture the ways that clients prefer to be contacted, either by phone or email, and asks for preferred contact times.

Secure referral form

Creditor referral toolkit

Have you got your referral toolkit?

We have created a referral toolkit and training materials to help you refer and spot the early signs of debt. The toolkit includes:

  • Checklist to help identify if your customer needs free debt help
  • How PayPlan can help your customer
  • How to refer to PayPlan
  • What happens next


Quicker and easier to refer online

We’ve made some changes the secure online referral form including:

  • Date picker – a calendar to easily select your customer’s preferred date and time that they wish to be contacted
  • Preferred contact method – to quickly select how they wish to be contacted, by phone or email
  • Reason for referral – add additional information about your customer that will help us to understand their situation and help reduce duplication.

Secure Referral Form poster

What we do

Referral form_How we help customers

After you refer

Referral form_What happens next


We can make a difference

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