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PayPlan Pro is the partnership arm of award-winning free debt advice provider, PayPlan. Our experts have has been helping clients to become debt-free for more than 25 years.

By working closely with the free advice sector, creditors and employers, we provide clients with the best possible advice and debt solution, while offering access to a wide range of support services.


PayPlan is one of the largest providers of free debt advice and debt management plans in the UK. We help tens of thousands of people every year to successfully work their way out of debt who go through our fully FCA regulated advice process. 

We’re known for our down to earth and compassionate approach – qualities that are ingrained across the culture of our entire organisation.

We’re happy to share our knowledge with our partners via PayPlan Pro to ensure clients can make their way out of financial difficulty with the minimum of stress.

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At PayPlan we:

  • Provide free debt advice and access to a broad range of solutions including Debt Management Plans (DMPs) and Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs)
  • Collect and distribute £16m of client payments to unsecured creditors every month
  • Help self-employed individuals with specialist advice and support
  • Work with psychiatrists and not-for-profit organisations to develop strategies to help particularly vulnerable customers
  • Help everyone who comes to us – even if a repayment plan isn’t right for them, right now


PayPlan is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and recommended by the Money Advice Service (MAS). We hold the Advice Quality Standard accreditation which ensures we meet the standards approved by the MAS quality framework, and hold individual accreditation from MAS for our advisers.

In addition, most of our advisers are MIMA Cert qualified, holding the Certificate in Money Advice Practice awarded by the Institute of Money Advisers

Referrals made simple

Digital advancements are helping us to unlock innovative new ways for partners to refer clients to PayPlan. Traditionally, we’ve helped clients by giving them advice via the telephone. This has changed and we now offer options such as WhatsApp including our successful support via our online forms and live chat.

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How we help vulnerable clients

Approximately 91% of PayPlan clients tell our advisers about their vulnerability without being asked. When a client discloses information we make appropriate adjustments for them.

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The IVA technical training offered really good anecdotal information. This is exactly what we need as advisers.

IVA Training Attendee, Dec 2017

I’m constantly impressed with PayPlan’s focus on client outcomes, its mature understanding of the regulatory environment, and the desire to work with creditors in a real way, and not just for show.

Gareth McNab, Nationwide
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