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85% of PayPlan clients report being in debt impacted their mental health

For 2019 Mental Health Awareness Week, one of the UK’s largest providers of free debt advice, PayPlan, surveyed its clients to find out how being in debt has impacted their…

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The young face of gambling

In this article we explore the approach charity Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM) is taking to educate young people about how exposure to adverts and playing games can…

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Our latest tweet

RT @PeopleValueLtd: Reward and #recognition programmes create an interactive culture that helps employees build positive working relationsh…

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The IVA technical training offered really good anecdotal information. This is exactly what we need as advisers.

IVA Training Attendee, Dec 2017

I’m constantly impressed with PayPlan’s focus on client outcomes, its mature understanding of the regulatory environment, and the desire to work with creditors in a real way, and not just for show.

Gareth McNab, Nationwide
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